Flint Arrow Head

Flint Arrow Head

Will Lord, the UK’s top flint knapping expert, has been bringing ancient technologies alive since 1975. His courses are always eagerly awaited down at Natural Pathways.

Learning how to master the basics of flint knapping such as pressure flaking, notching, stemming and fluting can open up a whole world of natural possibilities. Working with living stone can be mesmerising while also creating something of practical beauty, just like our ancestors.

Will Lord Flint Knapper

Will Lord - The UK's Master Flint Knapper

Humans have been using flint based tools for millennia, it is only over the last 2,500 years that we have lost this knowledge. Bringing this ancient technology back to life re-opens the connections we have to the earth.

Come and join us and see how the living rock can be transformed into tools so necessary for our ancestors survival. The next flint knapping course in the heart of the Kent woodland is on November 7th. More details and booking can be found here.