Yukon Wilderness

Did anyone watch Alone in the Wild? Ed Wardle dropped off in the Yukon’s “unforgiving wilderness” with the aim of surviving alone, with basic provisions, until winter. He lasted 50 days. (more…)

Water Droplets

Essential for life on Earth

Apache Indians and many other indigenous cultures around the world regarded water as the Earth Mother’s blood. They afforded it great respect and prevented polluting the lakes and rivers. During modern times this respect has all but disappeared.

Many of our rivers and lakes are polluted through the works of industry, agriculture and many other “benefits” of modern living. (more…)

Desert FootprintsHumans can get lost quite easily. In terrain with a lack of landmarks to aim for, we end up walking around in circles. And in this instance, it’s our own bodies letting us down. (more…)

Natural Pathways WoodsThe Family Bushcraft Weekend at Natural Pathways has been designed to give a taste of survival living while increasing your connection to nature. And that’s exactly what it did for 15 Bushcrafters in July. It seems every part of the weekend was enjoyed by the six adults and nine children – everything that is except the toilet! (more…)

Debris ShelterIn our quest to reconnect with nature we must first relearn how to physically survive outdoors. We spend much of our lives in enclosed spaces. We have become complacent about controlling temperature in our environment; turning the central heating up when it gets cold, switching the air conditioner on when it gets warm. But in the wilderness, there are no easy switches for adjusting the temperature. (more…)

Log FireOut in the wilderness it may seem that a map and compass are essential items to get back to the comfort of civilisation. And they probably are if you don’t have the bushcraft knowledge to read the landscape around you. But if it was going to take you some time to get to a populated area, what will keep you alive in the meantime? (more…)

Bushcraft Fire LightingAs urban life becomes increasingly frenetic more and more people are searching for a way to reconnect with the natural environment. Set up in 2002, Natural Pathways offers a wide range of bushcraft and survival skills courses for children, adults, schools, youth groups and the business community.

You can find out more by visiting our courses page. We’ve set up this blog to bring you more information and more resources to help you in your quest to not only survive but thrive in the natural environment. Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you again soon.