Bushcraft FireInspired by outdoor expert Ray Mears, Isabel Lloyd and family head to the wilds of Kent to learn how to forage, start a fire, build a shelter – and avoid aggravating the resident insect life

A confession: I have a crush on Ray Mears. Physically, he’s not my type – too roly-poly, too bossy and Baden-Powell-ish around the eyes. But there’s something about the way television’s apostle of the wilderness can knock up a des res out of two branches of fir and some wet willow bark that makes me go all cave-woman. (more…)

Ransoms - Wild GarlicHave you ever walked into woodland and caught the powerful, pungent smell of wild garlic? There is nothing quite like the smell of Ramsons on a cold, spring morning to bring all your senses alive. You often smell them before you see them and then it’s an exciting search to find your delicious treasure. (more…)