FireFire is so much more than a source of heat or a means to cook food. Sitting around a roaring fire is associated with so many things eg. family, community, celebration. But in terms of survival and longer term bushcrafting, fire is essential. (more…)


Bushcraft FireInspired by outdoor expert Ray Mears, Isabel Lloyd and family head to the wilds of Kent to learn how to forage, start a fire, build a shelter – and avoid aggravating the resident insect life

A confession: I have a crush on Ray Mears. Physically, he’s not my type – too roly-poly, too bossy and Baden-Powell-ish around the eyes. But there’s something about the way television’s apostle of the wilderness can knock up a des res out of two branches of fir and some wet willow bark that makes me go all cave-woman. (more…)

Ransoms - Wild GarlicHave you ever walked into woodland and caught the powerful, pungent smell of wild garlic? There is nothing quite like the smell of Ramsons on a cold, spring morning to bring all your senses alive. You often smell them before you see them and then it’s an exciting search to find your delicious treasure. (more…)

Birch Trees in SpringLate March to early April would have been a delight to our ancestors. After a long, cold winter with food reserves running low, the first signs of spring would have been welcome, none more so than sweet, nutritious Birch Sap. (more…)

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Putting the kettle on in the woodsThe woods are quieter in the Winter, at least it seems that way. Tiny creatures that scurried around at harvesting time are bedded down, warm and snug.

They pop their heads out occasionally to sniff the air and grab a bite to eat from their hidden stores. (more…)

Bushcraft and wild camping

Touching the Earth - The kids'll love it!

A great way to start the Christmas holidays and get out in the woods.

Touching the Earth – Fire and Shelter day

13th December

Two of the most important priorities when living outdoors to ensure you are warm and comfortable are shelter and fire.

On the Natural Pathways Fire and Shelter day, the whole family will build your very own shelter using just what the woodland provides. A great way to get the kids outdoors and a bit of nature under the fingernails. You’ll also learn how to light a roaring fire and keep it going – without matches!

If you fancy going down to the woods – you can find more details here.

Oh, and watch out for the bears!!!

[Teddy bears that is :)]