Bushcraft for BusinessOur ancestors had to work in strong teams to ensure the survival of individuals and the community. Without this abiding sense of teamwork, early modern humans may not have survived. Wilderness and survival situations provide a perfect opportunity to nurture a team’s spirit.

Not only that – it’s a great way to get out of the hustle and bustle of the work environment and connect to colleagues on other levels. Creating a greater sense of understanding between colleagues can help to break down inherent barriers. This can develop into a stronger team culture, often more flexible and adaptable when back in the workplace.

An individual’s own sense of who he is can be determined by how far he is stretched. In the beautiful woodland near Canterbury, Kent, the natural environment provides the perfect spot to stretch muscles that can ultimately benefit corporate business objectives.

Working closely with you, Natural Pathways can create the right blend of nature awareness activities, survival and bushcraft skills and educational woodland walks that can help your organisation achieve these objectives.

Often, time away from a situation allows fresh ideas to appear. If you think your company could benefit from some fresh ideas, contact us now. More details and pictures of recent Corporate Bushcraft days can be seen here.