Woodland SunbeamLocked into our work and family routines can take up so much time that little is left for connecting with nature. Living in the frenzy of the modern world means it’s often easy to forget our natural connection. When was the last time you went leaf catching? Or cloud watching? Or walked barefoot in dew-soaked grass?

Taking time out from the whizzing world is likely to be two weeks frying in the Mediterranean sun. But for the more adventurous a Bushcraft course might be just the thing to really wind down and remember that deep connection with the earth.

When was the last time you slept under the stars, safe and warm in your shelter, the smell of woodsmoke drifting through the trees after a day foraging through natures own grocery store?

Bushcraft is about knowing how to not just survive but thrive in our natural environment; and the first step is to relearn the basics. This ancient knowledge has been kept alight by our inner desire to reconnect to a simpler way of living. To know how and where to find shelter, fire, water and food is key to surviving in the wilderness, and Nature provides everything we need. Tree boughs become the roof over our head, hanging dead wood brings us warmth, rain quenches our thirst and an abundance of wild foods grow all around us.

Stalking silently through the woods can bring us closer to wildlife. Even sitting quietly can open our eyes to a larger, more profound world, increasing our awareness of the wonder of nature. Once experienced it’s hard to forget how energetic the natural world is. Unplugging from the modern world leaves us free to plug into the limitless energy nature offers. Bushcraft shows us where to find the connecting point, recharging our batteries and reuniting us with our ancient, natural roots.

So when you’re next feeling a bit out of sorts, get outdoors and touch the earth. That’s the real chicken soup for the soul.